Designated Funds

Designated Funds are similar to Organization Funds in that you can name a specific charitable organization as recipient. You may add to an organization’s existing endowment or create one for them to provide a source of lasting support.


How it Works

  • You designate an organization that is meaningful to you.
  • You make a gift to the Topeka Community Foundation during your lifetime or through a bequest in your will. You can give cash, appreciated securities, real estate or other assets. 
  • You sign a simple letter of direction, which establishes the fund.
  • You receive tax benefits in the year your gift is made.
  • Our board awards grants in the name of the fund you establish.
  • We handle basic administrative details for an administrative fee based on the fund’s market value. 



  • The basic administrative details are left up to us.
  • Our professional community investment staff continually monitors changing community needs so that you can be sure grants made in the name of the fund make the most impact in your field of interest and create your personal legacy of giving.
  • You and others can add to the fund you establish at any time, receiving tax benefits with each new gift. 
  • The Topeka  Community Foundation will prepare quarterly fund statements for you, which report the market value of the fund, gifts received, investment returns and grants distributed