Most of have separate accounts for money we want to use for specific purposes. We have checking accounts, money market accounts, 401 (k) retirement accounts and college savings accounts, so it's natural that we would have a separate charitable giving account as well.
Becoming a member of our donor family offers an easy way for you to accomplish your charitable dreams. As our partner in giving, you receive the simplicity and tax advantages of a public charity combined with the personal recognition, involvement and flexibility of a private foundation. You also gain access to the highest level of strategic thinking on ways to meet community challenges to help make your contributions as effective as possible. And because we plan to be here, serving this community for a long time, you can be assured that there will be a permanent source of funds available for issues you care about.

We offer a wide range of gifting options and vehicles that you can use to establish or add to a named charitable fund. Since we are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a public charity, donors are provided with the maximum tax benefits allowed by law.  Once your fund is established you can add to it at any time and in any dollar amount.

There are several types of charitable funds available to support your giving. Choose the one that matches your personal approach to giving and your charitable intent.   Our staff is eager to discuss these options with you and to help you select one that matches your giving needs.

It is easy to establish your own named charitable fund.   Working with our staff, and your financial advisor if you choose, you will take these simple steps:

  1. Determine your charitable purpose or intent.

  2. Select the type of fund that best supports your purpose. 

  3. Complete a governing document.  We can help complete a document that makes your intentions clear.

  4. Select a name for your fund. You can use your any name or a name that allows you to remain anonymous.

  5. Depending on the type of fund, you may designate current fund advisors such as yourself and spouse, and successor advisors such as your children. This information will be included in your governing document.

  6. Make an establishing gift. See Ways to Give

Our staff is available at any time to assist with your giving.  We have many ideas to share with you.
-Budget for giving
-Be an informed giver
-Keep the right records
-Ask about matching gifts
-Consider alternative forms of giving
-Be a proactive giver!

Moderate administration fees are charged annually for all funds.  Fees currently range from one percent to three percent depending on the type of fund. The fee covers expenses such as issuing grant checks, record keeping, creating quarterly statements and more

The Foundation offers its donors three investment options: the Growth Portfolio, the Income Portfolio or donors may choose to have their fund invested by their professional advisor.

DonorCentral is an online portal that gives our donors and advisors secure access to fund and grantmaking information, and enables donors to recommend new grants anytime, anywhere, even from their smartphone or tablet.